Zetaclear Review Nail fungus treatment

Nail diseases can affect people of any age. The reason for nail problem can be skin diseases, infections or trauma. It is not associated with the diet of the person, unless he is having severe malnutrition. Some of the problems can be solved by self help while others need proper medical treatment from a doctor.

Fungal infections can occur in either the finger nails or the toenails. They spread from one person to another and people who are diabetic or have weak immunity system are more prone to fungal nail diseases. The characteristics of the infected nails depend upon the type of fungus infection agent carrying the disease which may include lifting of the nail plate from nail bed, thickening or crumbling of nail plate, discoloration of the nails usually in the form of streaks, cracking of the nail plate surface.

What Is Zetaclear?

Anyone who wants to bring an end to hiding their fungus infected ugly yellow color nails should surely try Zetaclear. It was introduced in the fall of 2007 for the treatment of nail fungus. The producer and distributor of Zetaclear, Health Buy, is a market leader and they have manufactured many alternative medicines for fungal treatment.

Reason For Treating Nail Fungus:

You should not only treat your nail fungus to keep your nails healthy and to give them a good look, but the most important purpose is to protect your other body parts. The fungus can spread from the nails to the skin of your hands and to other parts of the body. If you scratch your scalp with the infected nails then there are chances that the fungus can get transmitted into the scalp. So it is very essential to get an immediate treatment of the fungus infected nails.
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The Treatment Procedure Of Zetaclear:

The product comes with two items: an oral spray and a topical gel ointment. The treatment procedure of Zetaclear involves the use of both an oral spray and an ointment to be applied directly on the nail fungus. Some people consider the oral spray to be optional but the company recommends that it should be used along with the topical gel in order to obtain complete benefit of the product. The gel is used for treating the visible topical infection that is visible with the naked eye while the oral spray increases the body’s immunity response to the fungus. Since the spray gets absorbed into the body, it targets the infected area naturally. The spray and the gel used together provide a strong response to the fungus infection of the nail.

Zetaclear Ingredients

The Topical Gel Solution:

The topical gel solution consists of the following ingredients:

Tea tree oil – tea tree is a very effective anti fungal agent. It comes from the leaves of a tree, Melaleuca, found in Australia. It is very powerful for the treatment of skin and hair problems, only if used in proper concentration. Zetaclear uses a perfect dosage of tea tree oil and it treats the infection without drying skin.

Lemongrass oil – It is used very commonly by the people of Asia for the cure of many diseases. Research shows that it has antifungal properties and so, it is used in antifungal treatment.

Undecylenic and clove oil – Undecylenic acid is made from pressurized castor oil and clove oil is known for its soothing anesthetic properties. They have the tendency to help skin and nails become healthier and shinier.

Jojoba oil –It moisturizes and softens the nail thus, enhancing the cure of nail fungus.

Vitamin E oil – It is an anti-oxidant, which makes the skin around the nails healthier and less prone to dryness and breakage.

The Oral Spray Ingredients:

The oral spray is sprayed below the tongue. It contains natural ingredients like Mancinells, Antimoniumcrudum, Nitricumacidum,Arsenicum album, Sulphur and Thuja occidentals that improve the immune system health and also keep skin and nails healthy. They prevent dryness, discoloration and scaling.

Home Remedy For Toe Nail Fungus:

Vinegar is used for treating toe nail fungus and it has been popular since ages for this purpose. Actually, the fungi on the nails do not thrive in an acidic environment. So if vinegar is applied daily on the infected nail, the fungal growth will reduce and eventually stop. Simple white vinegar can be used or apple cider vinegar is also used for toenail fungus. But this should be kept in mind that the vinegar needs to be applied for a long period of time. If your nail is just a little bit infected then you can surely go for the home remedy but if the infection has grown too much then you should go for Zetaclear, as it will cure the infection in a much shorter period of time.

Reviews on The Pros And Cons of Zetaclear:

It is made of all natural ingredients, which are effective in eliminating the fungus without any side effects. It will work only if used with consistency and when proper hygiene is practiced. It comes with topical solution along with the oral spray thus providing dual action from inside and outside the body, which boosts up the treatment process. Zetaclear is a product that is registered and licensed in the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

Since Zetaclear is a homeopathic treatment for nail function, it has not yet shown any harmful effects, unlike the surgical procedures. The results of the product vary. A lot many customers have given positive response to the product and they say that with the persistent and constant use of the product they have gotten rid of the fungus. While there are some users who say that they have not seen any result. This might be because they have not used the original product or have not shown consistency in using it.

Overall, it can be said that there is no disadvantage of the product. Using Zetaclear regularly improves the nail health in just a week and its continuous treatment improves nails and eliminates fungus infection.

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